A Calibration and Repair Lab for Pressure Instruments, Leakage Equipment, and Transfer Provers....Mobile Serice Available.... Also: Field Testing, Calibration, and Repair of Measurement and Regulation Equipment....Measurement and Regulation Consulting

  • Digital Pressure Instruments - Calibrate 7 Points, New Batteries
  • Deadweights - Calibrate, Change Oil, Clean
  • Spring Gauges - Calibration
  • Pressure Recording Instruments -Calibrate 3 Points
  • Detectors - Calibrate at 2.5% & 100% Gas, Filter, New Batteries
  • Odorators\Odorometers - Calibrate, Clean, New Batteries
  • HFI [ Heath ] - Calibrate at 100 PPM Gas, Set Supply Flow, Adjust Points, Adjust Zero, Adjust Pump
  • HFI's Service Inspection - Serviced as Above Plus Pump Cleaned or Rebuilt, Circuitry Inspected, Cleaned
  • Roots Models 4 and 5, Adaptrol, Mensura, Rockwell, American, Cantronics, Mensura, TRP 1000 and 2000 - Calibrate 20 Flow Rates, Flush Master Meter (if needed) Calibrate Pressure and Temperature, Certification Flow Rates Range From 200 MCF, Full Inspection

Transfer Prover Certifications Available at Your Location!!

Repairs based on parts and labor. Estimate furnished for approval, All Calibrations certified NIST traceable. Standard return shipping charges apply.