Model 1 Auto Ranging Digital Gauge™


Industry Game Changer! With the use of our patented A.R.T. (Auto Ranging Technology™) the MODEL 1 is the first and only digital gauge capable of spanning from Absolute vacuum to 3000psi while maintaining an outstanding 0.05% of Reading. With this new and improved accuracy and large and vibrant SMART display, it puts the MODEL 1 truly in a league of its own!

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Model 2 Wide Range Digital Gauge™


Like the Model 1, the Model 2 will replace the need to use many gauges of different ranges to achieve and maintain high accuracy (0.05% f.s.) throughout a wide span (2,500-10,000 psi). The need for multiple gauges is eliminated. The Model 2 is explosion proof and fully temperature compensated. It has a large, vibrant one line display. It is housed in a high impact, sturdy case with an optional rubber boot for additional protection. Model 2 runs on three AA batteries. This gauge is destined to become the standard of the industry!

MVP-600 Pneumatic Calibration Hand Pump


Produces pneumatic pressure and vacuum to check calibration of gauges, switches, transmitters, and recorders. The contoured cushioned handles provide extra comfort while preventing the pump from sliding. The over-sized check valve provides smooth operation throughout the output range while the dual o-rings on all pistons ensure zero leakage. Patented Mash proof vent valve comes standard on all MVP-600s (No Needle Valve) and a non-oil based lubricant is used on all moving parts.

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PP-4 Magnum Pro Pneumatic Power Pump


Fluids in a transmitter or delicate system have always been a concern. East Hills Instruments introduces the only fully versatile pneumatic pump capable of generating pressure up to 4,000 psi without liquid. Two support legs fold out to stabilize the PP4 and the pump can be operated by either foot or hand. The fine vernier control allows the pressure to be finely adjusted and sealed off to prevent slow leaks.

1006 DC MilliVolt Source


A high accuracy handheld millivolt source primarily used for voltage injection, with 3 from 1µV to 1V and 0.02% accuracy. Applications include thermocouple simulation and calibration of A/D converters and chart recorders.

Meriam MFC 5150 HART Communicator


HART compliant modem communicates with any registered or unregistered HART device.

PIE 334+ Milliamp Loop Diagnostic Calibrator


Have you ever replaced a "faulty" transmitter only to find the problem was somewhere else in the loop? And did you end up throwing the transmitter away after you fixed the other problem "just in case" the transmitter was faulty? If you find a loop where the transmitter is calibrated correctly but all the readings elsewhere in the loop have a fixed offset, this is due to Zero Shift. This zero shift is typically caused by some current in the loop bypassing the transmitter. This might be caused by ground faults, moisture or corrosion. If you have some loops that are erratic after it rains, there may be moisture present in a junction box where insulation has broken down. Turn on Ground Leak Detection and use the PIECAL 334Plus to power up the loop. Any current that isn't controlled by the transmitter or other current control element will be indicated as leakage on the PIECAL 334Plus display. The PIECAL 334Plus powers up the 2-Wire transmitter or loop and indicates the total current and the uncontrolled current. This provides information useful in troubleshooting loop errors.

Loopy 6000 Portable 24V Loop Power Supply


The Loopy 6000 provides field technicians with a portable, economic, and durable 24VDC power source for powering field transmitters. This is especially useful during plant startup, shutdown, and overhaul, when the loops are not usually energized, but field instruments must still be installed, tested, and calibrated.

Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator with Quick Click Knob


The Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator with Quick Click Knob is a high performance solution for calibration, repair and maintenance of current loops. The "Quick Click" knob makes it extremely fast and easy to use.

M-10 Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump


Utilizes a fully adjustable stroke control to allow for quick priming, easy pumping, and fast pressure generation up to 10,000 psi (700 bar). The ergonomically engineered handles provide extra comfort, while the patented triple filtration system ensures pump operation in spite of dirty conditions. The shatterproof reservoir and stainless steel construction guarantee leak free operation. The pump has over-sized check valves to provide smooth controlled operation.

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1040 8 Decade Resistance Box


A popular wide range decade box covering 0 to 100MΩ in 1Ω steps, with 0.1% beat accuracy. The 1040 is used in both industry and education, providing precision and reliability.

HT70 Pen Phase Detector with Measurement of Phase Sequence


HT70 is a practical innovative pen device capable of carrying out, further to the phase detection function, a phase sequence and phase concordance test with LED indications and buzzer, also on the insulating sheath of the conductors.The result of the test is indicated by the red LED (incorrect phase sequence) or the green LED (correct phase sequence) turning on, by simply moving the sensor first on the L1 and then on the L2 phase.

PIE 850 Multifunction Calibrator


The PIE 850 multifunction calibrator is a high performance instrument that does the work of 8 single function calibrators while including 10 to 50 mA capability and advanced troubleshooting tools.

Differential Calibrator HM35


Ideal for very low pressure differential measurements.